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Conditions and Assumptions

Initial Investment
Input the amount of cash or equity you will be investing in this property.

Time Horizon (Years)
Input the length of time you wish to analyze using this model.

Annual Inflation Rate
Input the annual inflation rate

Annual Increase in Property Value
Input the rate at which property values will grow annually

Annual Rental Increase
Input the rate at which rent will increase annually

Marginal Tax Rate
Input your marginal tax rate.

Return on Positive Cash %
Input the annual percentage return you will generate on your positive cash balances.

Interest Charged to Negative Cash Balance %
Input the annual interest rate you will pay to finance negative cash positions.

Expected Return on Alternative Investment %
Input the expected return you will receive on your best alternative investment.

Choose which country the mortgage will be borrowed in.


Property Purchase Information

Purchase Price/Current Property Value
Input the current market value of the property.

Transfer Taxes & Escrow
Input the amount paid for escrow and transfer taxes.

Legal Fees
Input the legal fees paid for purchase and possession of this property.

Down Payment/ Equity
Input the amount of the down payment or the amount of the homeowner’s equity.

Mortgage Insurance Fees
Input the amount of mortgage insurance fees paid to the lender or insurance company to insure a high ratio mortgage if applicable.

Finance Mortgage Insurance Fees
Choose whether the mortgage insurance fees will be financed by adding the amount to the mortgage balance or not, if applicable.

Sales Tax
Input the sales tax paid on this property.

Other Costs
Input any other costs associated with the purchase of this property.


Rental Information

Monthly Rental Income
Input the monthly rental income.

Bad Debt Costs %
Input the percentage of rent allowed for bad debts that are not collected.

Vacancy (Lost Rent) Costs %
Input the percentage of rent allowed for vacancies between tenants.

Annual Insurance Costs
Input the amount paid annually for house insurance.

Annual Property Taxes
Input the amount paid annually for property taxes.

Annual Utilities
Input the amount of utilities paid annually for the entire house.

Annual Maintenance Costs
Input the amount paid annually for maintenance costs.

Annual Other Costs
Input the amount paid annually for any other costs associated with ownership and maintenance of the house.


Mortgage Details

Mortgage Balance
This is the amount of the initial or current mortgage balance.

Interest Rate Type
Choose which type of interest rate your mortgage will have.

Interest Rate
Input the annual interest rate stated by the lender.

Input the number of years that it will take to repay the mortgage.

Payments per Year
Choose how frequent you will make mortgage payments

This is the regular payment amount you will be pay according to the variables chosen.

Custom Payment
You may alter the regular payment by entering the desired payment amount in this box.  Return to the default payment by entering a ZERO value.


Repayment Options

Skip a Payment Frequency
Input how often you will skip mortgage payments.   Skip every __ payment.  eg: 8, skip every 8th payment.

Double Up Payment
Input the amount of each double up payment to be made.  Enter “MAX” to automatically fully double up these payments.

Double Up Frequency
Input how often you will make double up mortgage payments.   Double up every __ payment.  Eg: 8, double up every 8th payment.

Lump Sum Payment
Input the amount of the regular lump sum payment that will make on the mortgage.  Add lump sum to every __ payment.  Eg: 8, add lump sum to every 8th payment.

Annual Percentage Increase
Input the percentage amount that the regular payment will be increased by every year.

Unique Payment
Input the amount of each unique payment to be added to the chosen payment.



Fixed Rate in Canada are compounded semi-annually, all other rates types in USA and Canada are compounded at the payment frequency. 

All calculations are made on the assumption that the year is divided equally by the amount of payments made per year. 

Double Up payments, Lump Sum payments and Unique payments are added to the selected payments. 

Growth rates are applied at the end of the year.

Equity is calculated as the final property value (beginning value + annual growth) of the year less the ending balance of the mortgage (less all end of year payments), less any outstanding liabilities.

Taxes are paid at the end of each year, on the taxable income less the expected taxable deductions.  Negative taxes are added to income on the assumption that the homeowner will have other sources of income to which the taxable losses can be applied.  All tax effects are calculated at the marginal tax rate provided.

Expenses will grow annually at the rate of inflation, rent will grow annually at the rate of growth provided by the user.

This model allows for mortgage insurance fees to be included in the mortgage balance is the finance mortgage insurance fees option is selected. 

All expenses and mortgage interest are assumed to be tax deductible expenses.

It is assumed that cash balances can go negative, and that positive cash balances will remain in the cash account.  If cash balances go negative, then the property owner would need additional financing to meet this need.

All mortgage payments and rent is paid monthly, rent is reduced by the allowances provided for bad debts and vacancy.  Property insurance is paid annually on the first month of every year.  Property taxes are paid annually on the final month of every year.  Income taxes are paid annually at the end of the third month following the year in which the taxable income was earned.  All other expenses are prorated and paid monthly.

All results are calculated based on the input variables provided by the user, and assumptions that are believed to be reasonable. does not make any express or implied warranties with respect to the information or results in connection to this, or any other calculator. will not be held liable for any losses or damages resulting from any errors or omissions in any information or results, or any action or decision made by users in reliance on any information or results. Please consult Instructions & Assumptions for further details.